January 20, 2018

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Staying Motivated In Your Fitness Goals


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By Melissa Omolo

My personal journey to fitness began ten years ago when I was back in high school. It started then because I felt I wasn’t fit enough to compete favorably in the swimming competitions. We would do a crash training program for a whole week before the swimming contest. Our bodies by then would suffer from serious cramping, muscle wear and tear. This is because we were not used to a rigorous regular fitness regime. Now I realize the importance of training regularly way in advance before any sport competitions to stay fit and do well in them.


When I started the fitness program, I was determined to stay fit regardless of whether there would be any competitions or not. So I rounded up a group of lady friends in the neighborhood to jog for a distance of at least 1.4 km every morning at 6 a.m. It was so hard that all of my friends pulled out of the fitness bandwagon one by one till I was left all alone. Ten years later, I am still very active in my fitness regime and I am becoming stronger than ever, jogging on my own, a distance of 4.55 km four times a week at 5 a.m. Apart from jogging, I also do upper and lower body workouts. I have come to realize that the more I exercise, the more I feel better and look younger.


This is me, after one of my morning workout sessions
This is after one of my morning workout sessions.

It hasn’t been easy staying motivated in this fitness journey. Nevertheless, I am determined to do this for the rest of my life. I want to share with you a few things that have kept me motivated in my exercise program:-






1. Set a goal! – Stop talking about it,just set a measurable goal by a certain date, reach it and set the next one until you reach the main goal. Take one step at a time. We always can’t achieve our goals without determination. Put aside excuses and procrastination! Whatever we need, we must dream it, focus and put action unto it.



2. Don’t Overexercise-Learn to listen to your body .Over exercising can increase the chances of chronic fatigue and injuries.

3. Start your workouts if possible at the same time, each day. By planning ahead, you decrease the chances of skipping the exercise session.

4. Concentrate on success!

5. Remember that exercise should be enjoyable .Use a combination of different activities to decrease the monotony that may come with repeating the same activity each workout session.

6. Stay in the know! – Subscribe to health and fitness newsletters online, to keep abreast of the latest trends in research in the field of nutrition, fitness and health. It is through such platforms that you get interesting tips and new ideas of keeping healthy for lifComponents of wellnesse to keep you motivated every day. You can also go to the nearest library or bookstore and buy or borrow books to give you more knowledge on how to keep your body healthy and in good shape.







Exercising is hard but you will continue to enjoy its benefits so long as you stay consistent in it. The only way you will start enjoying its benefits is if you start now! If you have never started, start small then build it up… Most of us start big, and then we lose motivation even on the first day…



Start NOW and start SMALL!

A year from now , you wish you could have started today.Procrastinators will never achieve anything in their lives..
A year from now , you wish you could have started today!

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