January 20, 2018

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Fighting Bad Breath

Bad breath

By Melissa Omolo


Bad breath, we all face it….Sometimes we are aware we have bad breath, but most of the time, it is highly unknown to us and there’s nothing as bad as that. We would definitely prefer to deal with it behind closed doors as soon as possible before it embarrasses us out there.



Bad breath is commonly known as halitosis in medical terms. Inadequate oral hygiene, poor digestion, constipation, consumption of alcoholic beverages and smoking are the most common causes.


Bad breath can be prevented by doing the following:-



  1. Being meticulous about oral hygiene, with brushing and flossing                                                                                       floss brush
  2. Drink enough water to keep well hydrated and to produce enough saliva(6-8 glasses per day).Mild dehydration, such as what occurs when sleeping, can cause halitosis as it reduces the flow of saliva. When there is little saliva, there is a greater tendency toward bad breath.    water
  3. Avoiding constipation.                                                                                                                                                        lemon drops
  4. Putting some drops of lemon onto the tongue several times per day in order to increase saliva production.

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